Clinical Research Trials in Primary Care

Mayford House Surgery actively supports clinical research trials in primary care. We believe that this is a great opportunity for our patients who may be eligible for studies to help shape the future of medicine. Taking part in research studies demonstrates Mayford House Surgery’s commitment to quality improvement.

There are several types of studies that we may be involved in. For some studies we may send out letters to invite patients to participate depending on if they meet certain criteria. Others rely on patients identifying themselves from publicity around the surgery.

2023/24 Research Update

This year we have been successful in a bid to develop our research team and work more collaboratively with Mowbray House Surgery. This will enable us to be part of more interventional and commercial studies which we feels is important to be able to offer our patients with the aim of improving individuals’ health but also health care for the future.

Recently completed studies:

Canassess: tested the effectiveness of a Needs Assessment Tool for Cancer in Yorkshire. We were on of the top recruiters for this study which was a great achievement.

ALABAMA: looked at Penicillin allergy status and its effect on antibiotic prescribing, patient outcomes, and antimicrobial resistance. Great response rate and those who were randomised for testing have had their records updated to reflect true allergy status or not.

Upcoming studies:

DISCOVER ME: this is a national commercial trial looking at diseases and the genetics behind these

DURATION UTI: this is a randomised control trial looking at the impact of different length antibiotic courses on resistance and the effectiveness of treatment of UTIs in adult women

OPTIMISE2: this aims to establish whether deprescribing common drugs that lower blood pressure is safe or effective in patients over the age of 75 in the longer term (a year or more).