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Online Services

Connect to your GP services online and save time. Quick, easy and secure.

Online Consult

Please DO NOT submit an Online Consultation if you are not or no longer registered with the surgery as we will be unable to review your medical requirements. Please contact your registered GP or register as a patient by following our registration procedure, otherwise we will be unable to assist you.

(Note: You may not be registered if you are a university student, or if you’ve been seen at another GP surgery.)

You can use the online consultation service for the following:

Admin’ queries e.g. sick note requests, referral enquiries or medication queries, etc.

You can also use this option to request an appointment, please provide the below information:

  1. Are you wanting to book an appointment for yourself or someone else? (please ensure you use the details of the person with the medical problem/ condition)
  2. What condition/ problem are you wanting to book an appointment for? (strictly 1 condition per appointment)
  3. How long have you had symptoms for this condition/ problem?
  4. Would you prefer a telephone/ face to face appointment? (the problem above will depend on whether a request for telephone is appropriate if you need examining)
  5. Would you be willing to consent to having an appointment with our Better Access service? (these are a range of appointments offered on an evening (6:30 to 8pm) and weekend appointments (Saturdays 9am to 5pm, Sundays 9am to 1pm)

Clinical queries e.g. medical problems, such as a new rash, ear problems, pain issues etc.

To request medication, check booked appointments or see medical records, please use the NHS App

We must stress that if your medical requirements are urgent in nature that you should still contact the surgery directly on 01609 772105 between 8am and 6.30pm or 999 if life threatening, e.g. chest pain, stroke etc.

This service is available between 6.30pm and 9.30am for next day response and all queries will be picked up by the surgery at 8.30am and will be responded to by 11.30am.

Currently this service is only for medical queries to be dealt with by the Duty Doctor, not a doctor of your choice.  Please do not use this service for administrative purposes e.g. referral queries, medication requests, test results etc., continue to contact the surgery on 01609 772105 between:

8.30am to 2.45pm for referral queries;

11am to 6.30pm for test results and;

Please call 01609 768948 between 12.45pm to 3pm for medication queries.


Non-urgent advice: Patient Notice

In conjunction with the NHS we are encouraging all our patients who have previously registered for online services using either SystmOnline/ Airmid, to instead register for the NHSApp and stop using the SystmOnline/ Airmid login/ apps.

Please see the section below on how to register for the NHSApp as well as what the NHSApp is able to help you with. The NHSApp is constantly being improved and new services implemented.

You can use the NHS App to check your symptoms and get instant advice, check appointments, order repeat prescriptions, view your medical record and more.

What the NHS App does

  • get advice about coronavirus – get information about coronavirus and find out what to do if you think you have it.
  • order repeat prescriptions – see your available medicines, request a new repeat prescription and choose a pharmacy for your prescriptions to be sent to.
  • check booked appointments – search for, book and cancel appointments at your GP surgery, and see details of your upcoming and past appointments.
  • check your symptoms – search trusted NHS information and advice on hundreds of conditions and treatments, and get instant advice or medical help near you.
  • register your organ donation decision – choose to donate some or all of your organs and check your registered decision.
  • find out how the NHS uses your data – choose if data from your health records is shared for research and planning.
  • view parts of your GP record – including information about medication, allergies, vaccinations, previous illnesses and test results.
Quote / Testimonial:

If you’re a patient at our practice you can use the new NHS App, a simple and secure way to access a range of NHS services on your smartphone or tablet.

For more information go to

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Non-urgent advice: Having Problems?

Download the NHS App

You can still contact the practice by phone or in person, this is just another option, which other patients have found is more convenient and saves them time. More information including “how to” leaflets and videos of patients and why they are using GP online services are available at

Non-urgent advice: Having Problems?

Help and Advice

Appointments OnlineYou can book an appointment with a doctor of your choice by logging into SystmOnline and clicking on ‘Appointments‘and then clicking on ‘Book Appointment ‘.
Prescriptions OnlineYou can request your medication by logging into SystmOnline and clicking on ‘Medication‘ and then clicking on ‘Medication‘.
Medical Record OnlineYou can view your medical record online by logging into SystmOnline and clicking on ‘Patient Record‘ and then clicking on ‘Patient Record‘. You need to request access to this section as access is not automatically given. You will need to follow the ‘Registering for systmonline‘ section to add new services to your account.

Please ensure you endeavour to keep access to your online services as safe and secure as possible, here is a guide to help you prevent unauthorised access to your online services. Keeping Online Records Safe and Secure Patient Information

Additional help can be found on the ‘Using systmonline – A Guide for Patients’ page.