Travel Health & Immunisations

Non-urgent advice: Spring/ Summer 2022

We are advised by NHSEI, BMA and RCGP that travel vaccinations remain a low clinical priority, set against the context of the wider pandemic NHS recovery, patient access, long term condition management and offering the Covid vaccination programme.

However, we recognise that they remain important to our patients, so we protect a proportion of nurse time to deliver every week.

We will endeavour to do what we can but given the wider demands on our time which are clinically urgent, you may be advised that the time window for your vaccinations is inconvenient for your travel plans.

In this scenario if we have no availability to accommodate your needs, we will signpost you to local private travel providers, who may also be able to serve any additional needs for e.g. Japanese encephalitis and tick-borne encephalitis; meningitis vaccines; rabies; tuberculosis (TB) and yellow fever.

You will need to complete our Travel Risk Assessment Form and return it to the surgery either by handing in to our reception team or returning via e-mail to [email protected].

We also have a Travel Advice Leaflet which will provide you with further guidance on your travel requirements.

Useful Travel Information Websites

General Travel Advice

Links to Travel Clinics (many others available also)

Boots Teesside Park
Aintree Oval,
Teeside Leisure Park,
TS17 7BU

01642 605956

Harrogate MASTA Travel Clinic
Mowbray Square Medical Centre,
Myrtle Square,

0330 100 4156

All information is correct as of 6th May 2022