Services Not Covered by the NHS

Certain fees are payable in respect of some services which are not covered by the NHS, the most common of which can be found below. Further information can be obtained from the reception. When requesting an appointment for special examinations please tell the receptionist so that sufficient time can be allocated for your appointment.

Medical forms that require completion by a doctor are also not covered by the NHS and a fee is payable. The receptionist will advise you when your completed form will be available for collection and the fee applied.

If laboratory tests and/or X-ray examination is required, then further charge(s) will be levied.

You may be charged for:

  • Medicals
    • Private medical report
    • Full medical with examination
    • Aviation/ Pilot’s medical
    • Adoption medicals
  • Forms
    • Counter-signing photograph, e.g. firearms, driving license
    • Private sick note i.e. in first 7 days of sickness
    • Holiday cancellation forms
    • Shotgun certificate
    • Power of attorney
  • Letters
  • Insurance Reports
    • GP report for medical or life insurance (BUPA etc.)
    • GP insurance supplementary reports including claim forms
    • Copies/ extract from records for insurance, employment or legal reports
  • Other Reports
    • Written reports
    • Report on pro-forma with no examination
    • Whiplash report
  • Private Vaccinations
    • Consultation and admin’ fee
    • Yellow Fever
      • Duplicate Yellow Fever Certificate