Book an Appointment

You can book an appointment by following one of the below options:

  • Online by navigating to (Online Consultation) and submitting a non-urgent request and ensuring you inform us of the following:
    • Are you wanting to book an appointment for yourself or someone else? (please ensure you use the details of the person with the medical problem/ condition)
    • What condition/ problem are you wanting to book an appointment for?  (strictly 1 condition per appointment)
    • How long have you had symptoms for this condition/ problem?
    • Would you prefer a telephone/ face to face appointment? (the problem above will depend on whether a request for telephone is appropriate if you need examining)
    • Would you be willing to consent to having an appointment with our Better Access service?  (these are a range of appointments offered on an evening (6:30 to 8pm) and weekend appointments (Saturdays 9am to 5pm, Sundays 9am to 1pm)
  • Telephone by calling the surgery on 01609 772105 and speaking to one of our receptionists
  • If it’s a routine appointment you can call our virtual receptionist on 01609 710858 and book an admin’ call back and we will call you back within 72 (working) hours to arrange this appointment